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Michelle Moravec

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p. 103 list from secondary works of who has been labeled a cultural feminist

p 11 discussion of activists labeled "cultural feminists"

reprint in Radical America of pamphlet Six Black Women: Why Did They Die

ALL OR NOTHING: Romaine Brooks

deals with the artist as a hero of her own making. When she died in 1970 Romaine Brooks had been neglected for decades. It was only with the 1972 exhibition organized by the then National Collection of Fine Arts…

Audre Lorde first came to Germany in 1984 as a guest professor at the Free University of Berlin, where she taught a poetry workshop, a course on Black American women poets as well as a seminar entitled "The Poet as Outsider." Dagmar Schultz, who was…

broadside designed by Sheila de Bretteville to announce and recruit for the Feminist Studio Workshop, an alternative program of feminist art education. Text written by Judy Chicago, Sheila de Bretteville, and Arlene Raven.
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